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Innotab 2

Innotab 2 (Blue)

Friday 28 Jul - The Innotab 2 is currently in good supply throughout the country.

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Innotab 2 (Blue)
Amazon US Innotab 2 - Blue
Last Stock: 4/4/2013 5:54 PM EST

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Target Innotab 2 - Blue
Last Stock: 5/2/2013 7:49 AM EST

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Kmart Innotab 2 - Blue
Last Stock: 5/31/2013 7:06 PM EST

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Best Buy Innotab 2 (Blue)
Last Stock: 3/22/2014 7:05 PM EST

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The VTech Innotab 2 is the successor to the original Innotab which was one of the hot toys for Christmas 2011.

This new generation of tablet comes with increased specifications and learning capabilities. A rotating self-portrait camera and microphone is now incorporated into the tablet which now allows your child to capture memories of themselves, friends or pets.

Included with the tablet is one tilt sensor game, one augmented reality game, one e-book, an art studio app, calculator, calendar, notes app and friends list. Additional apps can be downloaded by parents via their PC and synched via Wi-Fi to the Innotab 2. Over 200 apps are available from the online Learning Lodge Navigator, many featuring your childs favourite characters including e-books, games and music.

With all the fun your child will have with the tablet they will not even realise they are learning! Your childs development is helped in many ways including hand-eye coordination, visual development, language and speech development, sound awareness, motor skills and encourages creativity.

Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). Recommended for ages 3 to 9 years. Size 9.1 inches Length x 6.9 inches Width x 0.9 inches height.

The two colors are available are blue and pink (with flowers design).

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