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Thanks for all your messages of support, here are some more of messages we have received:-

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Jessica Stevens Jessica Stevens
4/5/2017 2:44:54 PM
"Hey I got the very elusive Switch thanks to your email. Thank you!"
4/5/2017 8:09:16 PM
"thanks for the alert! got a nes using your site! thank you! (finally!)"
Zack Zack
4/16/2017 10:56:27 PM
"I finally got a Nintendo Switch thanks to your alerts. You guys rock!"
Alyce Butler Alyce Butler
4/28/2017 6:23:15 PM
"Thanks for the in stock alert. I was able to go pick it up right away. Thanks again..."
Sally Sally
7/7/2017 3:21:40 PM
"Last night I bought Nintendo Switch for $420 including a game I already own. Had been looking since March. This morning you emailed me that Amazon had it at msrp. I was able to cancel first order and buy it at the correct price. Love your service and you saved me a bunch of money. One very happy subscriber!"
Chonnie Ong Chonnie Ong
7/8/2017 12:22:14 AM
"Fantastic service. I bought the switch while I am still 1/2 sleep! and I got it!!! Thank you very much!"
Michael Whicker Michael Whicker
7/10/2017 6:23:51 PM
"Awesome service, thanks a lot for what you do! I was able to purchase a Nintendo Switch without having to check websites daily and resort to paying a up charge if I purchased from a third party!"
Bob King Bob King
7/10/2017 6:49:20 PM
"Great time, managed to get my item before they sold out."
Benjamin Caldwell Benjamin Caldwell
7/11/2017 2:12:31 PM
"Stock Informer provided great information that helped me make the purchase. The product I wanted to buy was only in stock for about one hour per week. Without stock informer, I would still be waiting, but thanks to their detailed analysis I have been enjoying my purchase for weeks. I would use stock informer again and recommend it to a friend."
Garrett Garrett
7/12/2017 8:24:10 PM
"After weeks of searching for a Nintendo Switch and one purchase that turned out to be a scam I found this website and signed up. Two days later I get a notification on my phone that leads me right to the amazon store where I buy my Nintendo Switch at MSRP. $299! Take that scammers and third party price gougers."
Matt Matt
7/13/2017 1:16:14 PM
"Awesome service! Thanks so much for providing this service. I was able to buy my wife a neon Nintendo switch console for her birthday even when the stock of these on amazon on Prime day sold out in 10 minutes. Thanks again!"
Pat Mccormack Pat Mccormack
8/2/2017 2:36:51 PM
"Thank you! Thank you! We have been looking for a Nintendo Switch for many months, mostly for my daughter who wants the new Splatoon. And I am so glad we now got to pre-order the Switch Splatoon bundle! PERFECT."
Pat Smith Pat Smith
9/26/2017 5:59:16 PM
"I received the Stock Informer alert and was able to get the Blonde Luvabella from Amazon before they quickly sold out. The notification worked. Thank You."
Billnorhome Billnorhome
10/16/2017 3:05:06 PM
"Thank you so much! Ran to Walmart and got the doll for my granddaughter for Christmas! What a big help you were! Where were you with the furbee? Lol"
David Holovich David Holovich
10/23/2017 8:55:01 PM
"Thank you. I received the email and was able to get the device, your service worked as advertised... "
Lamario Stripling Lamario Stripling
11/3/2017 12:46:09 PM
"For the second time, your service worked great for me! I finally have my Super NES Classic Edition on the way to me. Please keep this service going! :)"
Katie C Katie C
12/13/2017 10:18:48 PM
"Yea!!! I received the desktop alert in google chrome while at work today. I immediately was able to click, place the SNES in my cart and check out. So thrilled! I wouldn't have been quick enough without the notification. "
Sheryl Sheryl
12/15/2017 1:21:03 AM
"Thank you so much for your service. I was able to purchase a Super NES Classic Edition from gamestop yesterday because of your prompt email alert. It was bundled with a wireless commander controller but realized my son would probably want that anyway :-). Score!!"
Nick Lancaster Nick Lancaster
12/18/2017 1:24:00 PM
"Your service works as advertised and I was able to get the SNES classic. Thanks!"
Samiam Samiam
12/20/2017 6:16:42 PM
"Awesome! You guys are great!"


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